Lignosulfonate, refractories, graphite electrodes, magnesite

Lignosulfonate, refractories, graphite electrodes, magnesite.

Lignosulfonate is a mixture of sodium salts of lignosulfonic acids, which is an anionic natural high-molecular polymer. It is available in the form of a powdery substance of yellow-brown color. This material is a by-product of wood processing. It is soluble in water in any ratio. It plays the role of a water reducer, binder and dispersant. Interacts with alkalis with the release of heat and the formation of salts. The reagent has a high surface activity, is a kind of anionic surfactants. It has antimicrobial properties, does not exhibit allergic and irritating effects. It does not have a negative effect on the human body.

Refractories are non-metallic materials that have a fire resistance of at least 1580 ℃, are used in aggregates and devices to protect against the effects of thermal energy and gas, liquid, solid aggressive reagents.

Properties of refractory materials, finished products, except the main one – high resistance to fire, demanded by customers:

  • Low coefficient of thermal conductivity.
  • Thermal resistance to linear/volumetric expansion.
  • Resistance to various types of aggressive media, including radiation exposure.
  • Long period of operation.
  • Low cost.

Graphite electrodes are used in the smelting of steels, special alloys and ferroalloys, graphite has high temperature resistance, due to which it practically does not change its shape, mass, volume and properties when exposed to high temperatures. In the process of melting steel, the electrodes are gradually consumed. To compensate for this, special nipples are used, which can have a cylindrical shape and are designed to build up the electrode as it is consumed.

Magnesite is a common mineral, magnesium carbonate MgCO3. It is used in the manufacture of alloys required in medical production and construction. In metallurgy, annealed crystalline magnesite is used for the manufacture of refractory bricks that can withstand temperatures up to 3000 ° C. The second area of application of fired magnesite is the manufacture of cement used in the abrasive industry and construction. Magnesite is used for the production of electrical insulators, in paper, sugar, rubber and other types of production. Magnesite mineral raw materials are also widely used in the chemical industry and in the production of fertilizers.

Concord Ferroeloys supplies lignosulfonate, refractories, graphite electrodes, magnesite wholesale and retail. The material is available in our warehouse in Astrakhan. Delivery of any volume is possible, without restrictions.

Concord Ferroeloys guarantees high quality of lignosulfonate, refractories, graphite electrodes, and magnesite. You can pick up the material yourself from our warehouse in Astrakhan, or use our delivery services. Flexible payment terms will allow you to purchase lignosulfonate, refractories, graphite electrodes, and magnesite. on favorable terms, and our prices will interest any consumer.

Concorod Ferroeloys is ready to establish cooperation with both manufacturing companies and trading organizations. To contact us, you can call toll-free 8(800)707-57-94 or write to our email .

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