Ferroniobium onioboniobium FN660 GOST

Ferroniobium FN660 GOST is a chemical alloy that contains approximately 60% niobium, 10 to 12% silicon, 2 to 6% aluminum and 3 to 8% titanium. The rest is accounted for by iron and a small amount of impurities. Ferroniobium is smelted in electric furnaces by the aluminothermic method. The alloy is produced according to GOST 16773-2003 standards, supplied in small pieces or in the form of crushed and sieved particles. Their size ranges from 0.2 to 10 cm in diameter. Ferroniobium is of four classes of size. The first class has the size of the superlated product up to 115 mm, the second class — up to 60 mm, the third — up to 32 mm, the fourth — up to 2.5 mm.

The alloy has a very high melting point — about 1600 ⁰C. The density of ferroniobium varies depending on the niobium content and ranges from 6.7 to 8.5 g/cm3. The most important properties of the alloy:

-High elasticity class.
-Heat resistance.
-High thermal conductivity.

The addition of ferroniobium to alloys increases their strength, increases corrosion resistance and ductility, improves weldability.

Ferroniobium compounds dissolve very slowly in the metal. Corrosion resistance is due to the fact that a dense oxide film appears on the surface under natural conditions.

Ferroniobium is an expensive alloy, its high price is due to the high cost of niobium itself. But in comparison with pure metal, this alloy containing inexpensive iron is cheaper. As a result, they are often replaced with niobium. Ferroniobium is mainly used as an additive to high-strength steel with a low content of alloying elements. Such steel is used to make oil and gas pipelines, railway tracks, bridge and bridge structures, car hulls. Due to its properties, ferroniobium is better suited than other alloys for alloying some grades of steel and steel alloys. It is also a part of stainless chromium-nickel steels and is used for electrode coatings.

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